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This site is a copy of a subset of Wikipedia articles.
Text based materials on this site are licensed under the same license as Wikipedia text based materials. That means you can use them freely if the copied materials are made available on the same terms to others and the acknowledgment of the authors is included. Actually, you’d better go to Wikipedia and read about it there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Copyrights

As for media files, they may be licensed differently. As I import them in bulk I can’t give a proper attribution and licensing information for each and every file. But for each file you can easily find a corresponding original file on Wikipedia and read licensing information there. To make things easier for you I provide a link to corresponding Wikipedia article on top of each article on this site.

If you own some of the media files presented on this site and think that I violated your rights by publishing them here, please, contact me. Here is my email: karen.holocenecalendar@gmail.com