Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt family tree

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Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt family tree on Wikipedia

The Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt conventionally starts with the Pharaoh Mentuhotep I and ends with the death of Mentuhotep IV, while the beginning of the Middle Kingdom is marked by the reunification of ancient Egypt under Mentuhotep II. As with many other dynasties, the 11th Dynasty family tree is partially unclear, with many obscure relationships.

Iku (♀)
Intef the Elder
Double crown.svgMentuhotep INeferu I
Double crown.svgIntef IDouble crown.svgIntef II
Double crown.svgIntef IIIIah
Neferu IITemDouble crown.svgMentuhotep IIAshayetHenhenetKawitKemsitSadeh
Double crown.svgMentuhotep III(?) Imi
Double crown.svgMentuhotep IV


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