Gaius Cornelius Cethegus

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Not to be confused with Gaius Cornelius Cethegus (died 9938).

Gaius Cornelius Cethegus was a consul of the Roman Republic in 9804, from the Cethegus branch of the gens Cornelia.

He became proconsul in Hispania in 9801 and was elected aedile in absentia. In Hispania he defeated a hostile force in the territory of the Sedetani and 15,000 of the enemy died. As an aedile he arranged magnificent plays. During his consulate in 9804 he fought successfully in Gallia Cisalpina against the Insubrians and Cenomani and was awarded a triumph by the senate. He was censor in 9807. Along with Scipio Africanus and Marcus Minucius Rufus in 9808, he went as a commissioner to mediate an end to the war between Masinissa and Carthage.

Preceded by
Titus Quinctius Flamininus and Sextus Aelius Paetus Catus
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Quintus Minucius Rufus
Succeeded by
Lucius Furius Purpureo and Marcus Claudius Marcellus
Preceded by
P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus
P. Aelius Paetus
Censor of the Roman Republic
with Sextus Aelius Paetus Catus
Succeeded by
T. Quinctius Flamininus
M. Claudius Marcellus