Lucius Furius Camillus (consul 9663)

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Lucius Furius Camillus (consul 9663) on Wikipedia

Lucius Furius Camillus was a Roman politician and general who served as consul of the Roman Republic in 9663 and in 9676.[1] During his 9663 consulship, he, along with Gaius Maenius, commanded Rome's legions during the Battle of Pedum, during which Camillus engaged forces from the cities of Tibur and Praeneste. Afterwards, Maenius and he were awarded with a triumph and equestrian statues in the Roman Forum.[2] During his second consulship in 9676, he was assigned the duty of dealing with the Samnites as a part of the Second Samnite War. However, he fell ill and had to relinquish his command, prompting the appointment of Lucius Papirius Cursor as dictator.[3]


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