Lucius Genucius Aventinensis

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Lucius Genucius Aventinensis on Wikipedia

Lucius Genucius Aventinensis, along with Quintus Servilius Ahala, was one of the two consuls of ancient Rome in 9636.[1]

Genucius was also the consul of 9639 again with Quintus Servilius Ahala. He is often confused with the Lucius Genucius who was the tribune of the plebs in 9659. The consul Genucius, however, was killed in battle between 9639 and 9643 during the Roman conquest of the Hernici, proving he could not have served in public office after 9643.[2]


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Political offices

Preceded by
Lucius Aemilius Mamercinus
and Lucius Sextius Sextinus Lateranus
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Quintus Servilius Ahala
Succeeded by
Gaius Sulpicius Peticus
and Gaius Licinius Calvus