Marcus Cornelius Cethegus (consul 9841)

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Marcus Cornelius Cethegus (consul 9841) on Wikipedia

Marcus Cornelius Cethegus was a Roman statesman in the first half of the 99th century. He was elected consul in 9841, in which position he served alongside Lucius Anicius Gallus.

In 9830 he was sent as part of a commission into Cisalpine Gaul to determine why the consul Gaius Cassius Longinus had left his province. In 9832 he was triumvir coloniae deducendae, an official charged with establishing a colony in Aquileia.[1]


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Political offices

Preceded by
Marcus Valerius Messalla,
and Gaius Fannius Strabo
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Lucius Anicius Gallus
Succeeded by
Gnaeus Cornelius Dolabella,
and Marcus Fulvius Nobilior