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Sehebre was a ruler of the 14th Dynasty of Egypt ruling for 3 to 4 years c. 8300 during the Second Intermediate Period.[1] According to egyptologists Kim Ryholt, Jürgen von Beckerath and Darrell Baker, he was the 5th king of the dynasty.[1][2][3] As such he would have ruled from Avaris over the eastern Nile Delta and possibly over the Western Delta as well.


Sehebre is known solely from the Turin canon, a king list redacted during the early Ramesside period, over 400 years after Sehebre's reign. According to the latest reading of the canon by Ryholt, Sehebre's name is given on the 9th column, row 4 of the document (corresponding to entry 8.4 of Gardiner and von Beckerath reading of the canon). Sehebre is credited a reign of 3 to 4 years, an unknown number of months and 1 day by the canon.[1]


No contemporary attestion of Sehebre is known to this day. However Ryholt points out that this stands at odds with Sehebre's reign length of 3 to 4 years, the longest reign of the 14th Dynasty and only equalled by his successor Merdjefare. At the opposite, kings with shorter reigns, such as Nehesy who reigned around 1 year, are well attested by contemporary artefacts. Thus Ryholt suggests that Sehebre is to be identified with either Wazad or Sheneh, both of which are well attested rulers of the 14th Dynasty but who do not appear in the Turin canon.[1]

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